Renee Hooper - Owner of Bonta Della Organic Pasta Sauces

After a successful career in fashion design and building brands alongside top names in the industry, I set my creative sites closer to home. With the birth of my son came the need to provide nutrient-rich, organic meals free from pesticides, preservatives, and extra processing. While reinvigorating a historic country store in Westport, Connecticut with my husband John, I continued my hunt for products to add flavor and convenience to my home cooking that did not list sugar or water as the first ingredient. When I couldn’t find what I wanted, I launched my first products: small-batch preserves in unexpected flavor combinations. Today, the White Oak brand includes cooking sauces, salsas, and preserves that bring quality, nutrition, and a home cooked touch to dinner tables around the country.

I launched Nature’s Bounty Reimagined® Bonta Della to breathe life into a world of tomato sauces that felt repetitive and ripe for disruption with fresh, robust, modern flavors. Since our days running a family country store, our products always blaze a new path in flavor, ingredients, and culinary techniques. We take an artisan approach to crafting our sauces.

Our sauces embody our name Nature’s Bounty Reimagined®. We source vine-ripened ingredients from places and soil we know and trust. And because we craft our sauces in small batches, they retain the sweetness, flavor, and most importantly, the healthful nutrients nature created.